An Edited Life

So, I feel like I am rapidly approaching that conversation with my wife, or my mother, or maybe even one of you, in which someone pulls me aside and asks if everything is okay. I am about to jump into a 30 day challenge in which I get rid of the “fluff” in my life; the shirt I haven’t worn in months, the 4 bags hanging in my closet, all of the little pieces of “nothing” in my junk drawer. (junk drawer? what a ridiculous concept, if you think about it…)

But rest assured, I am not stepping into some weird cult. I have simply begun to realize something about myself, something that has been sitting in the corner of my brain for nearly a decade:

“I am stressed out by all of my stuff.”

A moment of honesty before I go any further. This post is literally coming on the heels of me purchasing a new Star Wars t-shirt and a couple pairs of shorts yesterday. I am by no means saying that I have this figured out. If anything, this post is my declaration that I need serious help! When life hands me a few extra bucks, I immediately start looking for ways to blow it.

In doing some research for this post I have stumbled onto two sites that, although they take this idea to extremes, have really put into words a desire that I have had for nearly a decade now. In my very first emberpane post, I linked out to The Minimalists, a really cool website for people like me who are just jumping into the whole idea. I also stumbled onto a Ted Talk by the founder of Life Edited. Both sites provide really practical essays, resources, books, videos, etc. for men and women attempting simplify theirs lives.

So I’m jumping in.

I would love for some of you to jump into this little Minimalist adventure with me, but I understand if you aren’t quite there yet. Honestly, I have some reservations myself, but I am convinced that the reward will ultimately outweigh the risk. (I just hope my wife feels the same…) So I am embarking on a 30 Day edit. For the month of July, I am going to weed my personal belongings and attempt to create some space in my life. Space for family, space for some quiet, and space for me to get back to pursuing my faith in a more meaningful way.

My hope is to somehow embody Thoreau’s charge to ‘live deliberately.’

Here’s how it works: On the 1st I will get rid of one thing. On the 2nd, two things, and so on. I am sure this will be liberating, and kind of fun, for the first week. But days 15, 20, 25…those will be tough. So, wish me luck! And if you are feeling the need, jump in with me!

Your thoughts?

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