New Calm

I haven’t mentioned it much to anyone yet, but I have recently gone through a major life change. For 11 years I poured all of my energy, most of my affections, and a lot of sweat into public education. I recently had the opportunity to help open an amazing downtown charter school which holds a GREAT deal of promise. And I have had some AMAZING opportunities to impact the lives of hundreds and hundreds of students in my short career thus far.

But this past June all of that came to a halt. In the midst of working in what should have been my dream job in education, I realized that the passion for what I was doing was no longer there. I was pushing someone else’s ideas, pushing a flawed curriculum, working in a broken system that has no desire to be fixed, and basically lying to myself. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t pursuing my passions, and the students, parents, and teachers in my circle of influence could see it. I was in a job that was so far from why I started in public education. I was not being creative. I wasn’t driving innovation. I wasn’t helping students wrestle with life.

I was done.

So here I am. No longer a public educator. I have landed in an amazing new career that is fueling my creativity, rekindling my love of community, and in a crazy turn of events, re-igniting my passion for education. I have come to realize that perhaps it is time to impact community schools from the outside for a while. Be a community voice. Get involved with my neighborhood school. Join the PTA! RUN FOR OFFICE! (ha…maybe someday)

My heart is more full than it has ever been. I have a new calm in my life. And yet, there is a sadness to this transition as well.

My hope is that I can one day step back into education with a fresh perspective, not bound by policy or standards, but truly in a situation in which I can help educate the “whole student”. Until then, I plan on pouring into my own children’s education. Being present with family. Loving my wife well. Being a good steward of the home with which I have been blessed.

I do not want to be another one of the growing statistics leaving education for better paying work. And yet, here I am. I hope that by this time next year I can truly say that my passion for writing, my passion for Christ, and my passion for my community is back and stronger than ever.


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  1. Some perspective from Wendell Berry (Think Little):

    “While the government is ‘studying’ and funding and organizing it’s BIG THOUGHT, nothing is being done. But the citizen who is willing to THINK LITTLE, and, accepting the discipline of that, to go ahead on his own, is already solving the problem. A man who is trying to live as a neighbor to his neighbors will have a lively and practical understanding of the work of peace and brotherhood, and let there be no mistake about it — he is doing that work.”


    • And there it is, Wendell seems to always say it just a little bit better. I guess that’s what I’m saying here. I am excited about the prospect of pouring into my community, bettering the lives of my children, my neighborhood, in the name of brotherhood, not vocation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discounting our work over the last decade, I simply want to try my hand at community action outside of the public arena. Thanks for the post. I hope this will be the beginning of much more dialogue to come.


  2. And if someday, you start a new type of educational system, fueled by your passion and not by policy and standards, know that my family is all in.

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