The Way Has Been Made: Advent Week 4

The last week of Advent is a time to look to Christ’s promise that he will return for his Church. This last piece covers a massive timeline, from Christ’s resurrection, to his ascension, to the call of his modern Church to carry his message of truth and hope to all people.

This Advent Season has been a special time for me, both in writing, and in welcoming the birth of my own son. Awaiting my 2nd child’s arrival gave me a very unique, intimate lens through which I was able to view the season.

My hope is that in some small way, these simple poems have awakened your heart to the beautiful promises of Christ and all he holds for you. Merry Christmas, may your Advent Season bring a new revelation of Christ.

Look up child. Why do you hide your face?
Why do you seek the living among the dead?
He is not here. The way has been made.

Steady your hand and dry your eyes.
He has already gone before you, into Galilee.
And the favor of God rests upon him.

Go to him, that you might look upon his face.
That you might hear his voice.
That you might see him ascend to the Father.

Wake up, you sleepers!
I am calling you out of the dust. Can you hear it?
You have been remade!

Go now, that you might do even greater things.
My fields are white, my gospel true.
Go now, where my favor goes before you.

Go, that they might become sons of light.
That my word might judge them,
and my grace save them.

Draw them out  of shadow and into my embrace.
Set your feet to my work and your gaze to the heavens.
For surely I am coming soon.

Your thoughts?

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